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Well I have been blessed with another birthday today, 45 years young, so I thought going into my new birth year would be the perfect time for my first blog…..so welcome! My name is Lisa Randolph and I have been fortunate enough to have 13 of my 45 years be in the career of massage therapy. I am extremely passionate about the profession of Massage and truly feel that it is one of the main stay careers of the future. With that said I am also passionate about seeing massage therapists stick around beyond the 2 year mark, which is why I have created this blog. I teach continuing education classes which focus on business related issues and I also provide business coaching for massage therapists and small business owners.

I want this to be a space for massage therapists to come and share their business successes and learn from each other. My main postings will cover business development topics such as marketing, how to find clients and how to hold on to your clients once you have them. I will also post on subjects such as how to effectivley set goals and strategies to make your business a success. If there are other business related topics, or anything else that is on your mind as a massage therapists you would like to see on this blog please let me know.

 I’m going to go enjoy some birthday cake now; you make it a memorable day and I will see you on The Carpediemcoach blog again real soon. 

Blessed Regards,

Lisa Randolph

Carpediem Massage Coach



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