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There is something to be said about being in motion and moving forward; it eventually gets you where you want to be. I had a client come in yesterday who works with special needs children. During the summer they take them to the movies, bowling and roller skating. She shared with me that one of her kids is totally blind and they took him roller skating. Of course I was intrigued with this and asked how in the world he got around the ring without bumping into walls and other people. She said he constantly bumps into walls, people and even falls down but he gets up laughs and keeps on moving because he is having the time of his life and doing what he loves. I thought WOW we can all learn something from this young man. 

As a massage therapist you will run into obstacles with your business, and yes you will fall down. Whether you are in the start-up phase, a veteran therapist  or feeling intimidated with marketing your services remember there is reward and satisfaction in moving forward with your daily task of building your dream practice. Sometimes you will feel like you are blind,lost and don’t know what to do next with building or maintaining your clientele. Seek help from someone who is where you would like to be or take additional marketing and business classes, because we all know these topics were only skimmed over in massage school. Better yet hire yourself a business coach. Whatever you decide to do just move forward everyday with building your practice and I promise you that one day you will look up and your path will be clear and you will be able to see SUCCESS! 

Chime in and share your stories of being blind in your massage business but working through your fears and being able to see success on the other side. I would love to hear from you. 

Until the next time CAPE DIEM my fellow Massage Therapists!

Lisa M. Randolph

Carpediem Massage Coach



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