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You know we are truly blessed  standing in our shoes right now, at least we have shoes to stand in and our homes have not fallen down around or on us. The Haiti earthquake is an enormous tragedy and we can impact the situation financially by utilizing our gift of massage. For the next 30 days please donate $5.00 from each massage, more if you feel compelled, to the people in Haiti. It’s easy just go the Wyclef Jean’s website called Yele Haiti (http://www.yele.org) and give, give, give. Also let your clients’ know what you are doing they might give you a little extra something for the cause.

Let’s make a difference in  lives of the people of Haiti. If you decide to take part, please post your experience here to inspire other therapists to join us!

Until the next time CAPE DIEM my fellow Massage Therapists!

Lisa M. Randolph

Carpediem Massage Coach

Contact information- E-mail: lmr@carpediemstrategies.net , Phone: 972.496.5344 ext. 2 or 1.866.552.5556 ext. 2.

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